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[IP] Interesting...

Just for the record.  I like MM, and I like my Paradigm.  It is extremely 
user friendly, and I love that I can kayak and swim with it (which I do 
almost daily).  

Being critical of a serious, unannounced failure does not mean that I think 
the company is evil or that it should be shut down, or that the pumps should 
necessarily be recalled.  It is taking care of the only person that can take 
care of me though, and I ended up with a result is good, both for me and for 
the company.  They took my problem seriously, and hopefully will use the 
information gathered from my pump to ensure that NONE of us will ever end up 
in the same situation again.  

And, as to the battery issue, I change out about every 4 to 6 weeks.  I do 
not use the remote, the vibrate mode and rarely use the back light.  
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