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Re: [IP] Ice Hockey and College Students

I have played roller hockey (I know, not real hockey) with the pump.  I use
the silouttes and have never had a problem with them coming off or loose.
When I played, I would almost always bolus 2 units before the game, to
counteract the adreneline.  I would usually be in range or a little high
after the game, and after the drive home, 1 hour, I would usually be fine.
I wouldn't bolus if I were high.  I never adjusted my basal rates because
there are based on me being active.
Hope that helps.
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Subject: [IP] Ice Hockey and College Students

> 1)  Any ice hockey players out there?  Do you have problems with your
> quick-set coming off after games?  How does ice hockey affect your bg
> control?  What's your routine before during and after skating to keep good
> control?
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