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[IP] Paradigm

I've had my Paradigm since November 15, 2002.  Not one problem to date.  I 
used the energizer batteries faithfully until I saw a thread on the IP list 
about someone using Rayovac batteries.  I have used these also and still... 
no problems.  I do get the low battery alarms as well as low volume alarms 
too.  I've never tried the vibration mode and really have no use for it.  I 
rarely use the backlight either.
I agree with you that us paradigm users that have had good luck need to 
voice our opinions about our "luck".  I never knew there was other companies 
out there, besides the paradigm, before getting this one.  I trusted my endo 
and educator in knowing what pump was best for me.  I did do some research 
into the paradigm before commiting to the upgrade.  I decided I liked the 
features and traded my 508 for the paradigm.
Some of us have had excellent luck with our paradigms and with Mini Med in 
general and some of us have had not so great of luck.  I read all the clips 
about other peoples bad misfortune with Mini Med and feel for you.  Atleast 
we have this site to reach out to each other.  I feel much more comforted 
knowing there are people out there "like me".
  No matter what pump companies we all use aren't we all just grateful we 
have a pump?  I know I am.

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