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Re: [IP] C_Pepide Results

In a message dated 02/06/2003 12:04:49 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> On my last visit to my endo. I requested a c_peptide test, to see if I am 
> still
> producing ANY
> insulin at all. I have never had this test before.
> Result was 1.1 "some insulin creation left".
> Does anyone know the scale/range for this test?
> How long will this production of insulin last - I was DX'd with Type 1 at 
> age
> 50, 2 years ago.
> Endo stated that Adult onset of type one comes on a lot more slowly - about 
> 5
> years - than in
> children, young adults.
> BG was 106, A1C 7.7% (At dx A1c was 13)
> Currently on a pump.
> Any information would be helpfull.
> Reply online-or direct..
> Thanks
> Carl

Carl the test only means something to you if you are trying to get a pump 
thru Medicare. They have a standard they go by. I think it is . 75 or under. 
It may be less I am not sure. I have been on insulin 55 years and the last 
time I had the test I had a . 025 which means I am still making insulin. If 
you search the files on the IP I am sure you will find a lot as this subject 
comes up from time to time. Roger C (dx 12/1/47 pm 5/7/00)
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