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Re: [IP] GERD with Nausea

 It's one of the symptoms, I rarely if ever threw up but felt like I would 24
hours a day! I'd finaly convince myself to eat something and as soon as I smelt
it would not be able to. Even now adays when its doing pretty good, I'll go cook
something sit down and the sight and smell totally turns me off!

 I did eat a fair amount of baby food!! I loved the pears, and some other friuts
I still get the craving for the pear sauce, and occasionally buy it, ya its hard
to explain to friends why I have a jar of babyfood in my lunch!!! A few actaully
bought it to see what it tasted like!

 The baby food apple sauce and pear sauce was much easier on the stomache then
the canned stuff as there's no acids or anything added. and they come already
measured just read the label and bolus!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

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From: Holly Shoats <email @ redacted>
Date: Thursday, February 6, 2003 12:10 pm
Subject: [IP] GERD with Nausea

> Thank you all for your replies regarding medication for GERD.  I 
> will take
> them to the doctor
> next week.
> I wonder if it is common to experience nausea with GERD.  That is 
> my 13yo's
> major symptom.
> It makes me wonder if something else may be going on, in addition 
> to the acid
> reflux.
> Holly
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