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RE: [IP] pregnancy and diabetes

Karen and all pumper Moms:-)
 The point you write about below is one of the major reasons I'm trying to be so
compulsive about testing (10-16 times/day) and keep tight tight control during
my pregnancy (BGs of 65-100 & 120 or under an hour after meals). I desperately
want a healthy baby but also want to be a healthy Mama for as long as I can
last! I don't want to rely on possible "good genetics" to have a long life with
my husband and child/children. Besides, I think I'm still too young at this
point to be able to make that call as to whether or not I have those "good
genetics" that keep many of you long-term Type I's complication free. I SURE
HOPE I AM! But I have to wait and see. In the mean time I plan to do everything
in my power to contribute to my long and healthy/happy life.
 I've been D. since I was 3 yrs old (24 years) and was QUITE non-compliant in my
pre-teen and teenage and college years and only got my pump 2 years ago
(actually 3 yrs in June '03:-). I've NEVER been hospitalized (since Dx in '78)
and never had a major hypo. I've always taken care of them myself, or my Mom
when I was young.
 The only complications I know to have now is beginning retinopathy in both
eyes. Since I'm pregnant I'm seeing a retinologist and having initial laser
treatment on each eye. Hopefully this will be the only time I need to have it!
(PLEASE!) But it freaked me out and made me feel quite mortal and fragile. I was
told that if I wasn't pregnant that I still wouldn't meet the criteria to need
the treatment but since I am we're going ahead with it. I'm going back tomorrow
for the 2nd "zapping" on my left eye and I'll be 3/4 done!
 The only other complication is a bit of protein in my urine, my last test was
250. I have no idea how that relates to how far away from dialysis I am or
anything like that. That number of 250 doesn't mean much to me except that a
normal number is below 200, if I remember correctly. Hopefully, I'll never have
to have dialysis or major retina surgery or loss of vision but I'm not going to
sit around and hope I have good tough genetics to save my butt from here on
 And just to be clear! I'm not coming down on you Mama's who have written to say
you had babies b/f all the technology and everything turned out fine and you
suppose you must have good genetics! I'm not criticizing AT ALL! I'm just saying
for myself I'm trying like hell to do all I can:-) You all definitely help me
relax a lot easier about this whole process! ( I can get a little O/C at
times:-) And allow myself to have a mini coke float from time to time--with
proper bolus of course:-)
Thanks for your words of wisdom and advice!  It's always welcome and wanted!
Happy pumping all!
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<<Having said that, I am going through treatment for retinapothy right now and 
the specialist did mention that some of my retinapothy could have started 
while I was pregnant because of the extra growth hormones in my system.>>
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