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Re: [IP] Ice Hockey and College Students

 I am a 4th year college student...1 more year. Yes,I am on the five year plan
thanks to transfering (aaaarrrrgghhhh makes me mad)
 I also went away to boarding school (no, i wasnt a bad kid, i WANTED to go
away), so I have been dealing with living away for 8 years and been on the pump
for 10 years (with a recent 2 year break)

 I would love to talk to any college student out there, even high school
students, or parents!

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992

> Any college student pump users out there?  I meet with several students 
> here who have diabetes.  They are considering going on the pump.  Can I put 
> them in touch with you to ask about life at college with a 
> pump?
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