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[IP] Paradigm (Bateries and Good reviews)

I have only used the energizer batteries since MM was very clear (they must
have told me 5-10 times) on the need to ONLY use those and I was afraid if I
used another one and the pump failed, they would not cover the warrantee.  I
think it would help if they explain right from the beginning, why you should
stick to the energizer ones (for what I read here, they are the only ones
that will give you the low battery alarm.) My batteries last 2-3 weeks but I
rarely use the back light (I usually have plenty light when handling it)
and have yet to use the vibration mode.  I do run the self-test at least
once every 2 weeks.  I really like that it uses standard batteries that can
be found pretty much anywhere (including gas stations) and can now, thanks
to Summer, be downgraded to remote batteries after their pump-retirement :o)

I feel like I have to come out in Paradigm's defense, 
I have been pumping since June '02 with the same pump.  I have had no
problems with it other than one (1) power off alarm, but that was 1 week
after receiving the pump (don't know if that was user-related or not.)  I
called them and they said if it happened again, they will exchange it.  It
has not happened again.  ********I love my paradigm.********

I think someone was trying to decide what to upgrade to: 508 or Paradigm.
If your insulin requirements are within the barrel's capacity for the
paradigm, I would recommend it.  It is so much smaller and friendlier to

I think we mostly only hear about the negative things on pumps (since
usually when something bad happens, you are motivated to type and vent) but
I assume :o) there are plenty people like me that tend to be quiet about how
we have had no issues at all with our Paradigms.  Also, at times, I feel
like in general the list tend to put MM down quicker than any other company.
If you read the postings with an open mind there are a lot of bad
experiences shared for pretty much every pump manufacturer out there.  I
have had a very positive relationship with the company (product and
services).  They took care of everything for me and have provided everything
I have asked for (including two continuous BG testing - BTW, I should get
the results from the last one within a week - can't wait!!!! :o)

I know that there are people that have not had positive experiences with MM
and I feel bad for them (since we are talking about a very expensive machine
that keeps you alive), but I feel the responsibility to share my good
experience too.

Long story short, maybe those of us "happy Paradigm users" should be more
pro-active on letting everyone know how much we like our pumps and how we
have had no issues with it, so the wrong "perception" is not created out
there and people are able to make educated decisions on a larger sample of
information and enjoy the benefits of pumps like the Paradigm. 

And, no I do not work with/for MM but just want people to have the
opportunity to enjoy, as much as I have, the use of a smaller friendlier

Just my long two cents :o)
Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Great Paradigm Pump that behaves as it should and
gets very little press for it!!!!:o)
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