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RE: [IP] Thanks & Paradigm Economy

Your wrote:
Another thing I'm wondering . . .  Last visit to my endo, she told me that I
should always change my cartridge whenever I change my set.  The set-up for
the Paradigm tends to push one in that direction, since the tubing is not
independent from the set connector.  But I don't use enough insulin per day
to change and refill my cartridge every time I change my set.  I could fill
the cartridge only part-way, but I really don't want the hassle.  Does
anyone who can go 5-7 days on 150 units really change their cartridge and
throw all of that insulin away?  Seems very wasteful of resources and user
time.  Why would one need to change cartridges so often, anyway?

My answer:
 Just don't fill the resevoir. I fill mine to the 140 unit mark. After priming
that leaves me
 with the right amount for 3 days. That way you can change everything at the
same time.
 Another alternative is to remove the reservoir, rewind, connect the new tubing
to an old resevoir,
 prime, and insert. This assumes that there is enough insulin left in the
reservoir to prime the
new tubing and last you 3 more days.
Pumping for 7 years, Paradigm one year! 

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