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[IP] CGMS & minimed rep

I received a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS) from minimed 
yesterday. The rep from minimed was extremely helpful & very friendly! They 
always are! The device is the size of the pump & works very much the same. 
It doesn't come off though so I was introduced the the shower bag this 
morning ... wierd little thing.
So far I don't notice it, just like my pump. Just now I have 2 things stuck 
in me & clipped to my belt. They are having me input each test I take 
through the day & enter in a code indicating meals, medication, exercise & 
lows. I usually just test, bolus & go on with life so its a little more work 
but I'm excited to see what it shows.
I've read many user experiences about it. Some good, some not impressed. 
I'll write back on how it goes for me.

Jon Bayless

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