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Re: [IP] ALC results

I met with a minimed rep. in preparation of staring on my new pump. I was
asked again what my A1C's have been. I told them it has 6.2. I thought that
was pretty good.
I hear ya Mike, Animus said the same to me when I told them my A1C was 6.8,
I was offended and cried to my hubby(might have been pmsing;)). Any way, I
think they are kinda trained to think that in order to appease insurance
companies. You see, if insurance co.'s see a good A1C, they think, hey, they
don't need a pump, lets not give them one, the doc., or ins co. have to
justify it to a lot of insurance companies , and to be honest here, I do now
have wayyyyyyyyyyy fewer(hope that's the right word;), or is it less:P,
hehehe) reactions. I do have hypo unawareness, and now that I am pumpin,
some of my awareness has returned to a certain degree.
So, don't take it personally!! congrats on the GREAT A1C without a pump, I
know how hard it is!!!
Tami in Tucson
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