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Re: [IP] Bad insertion/Infusion set

Has anyone had bad infusion set experience.

I have been pumping since Nov1/02 and have had one site hurt like that. I
change my site every 5 days and I ended up keeping it in the full 5, but it
sure was sensitive, but the insulin absorption was fine there.  I , however,
had no blood when I removed it, just relief, hehehe. It is a personal choice
when it hurts I think as to if you keep it in or not, but sounds like you
hit a vein/artery , so I think I would have started over and don't a new
site if I was you as well.
Good luck with pump start up, I LOVE my pump(the first couple weeks I liked
it, so don't expect love at first try;))
Tami in Tucson
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