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[IP] Re: What is the highest and lowest blood sugars

I don't know what mine was when I was diagnosed but when I first got married 
I had a 525.  After being married a while I had a 23.  My husband jumped a 
ditch in the car to get me to the base hospital.  I do not remember it.  I do 
remember the time I was so low I threw him, literally, against the wall!  
Super woman!  I, too, tend to ramble on and on when low.  My 17 y/o daughter 
will ask me to check my bg when I do this or start acting silly.  By acting 
silly, I mean I do handstands and try to do cartwheels--stuff like that!  At 
48 I should know better--makes me hurt all over!  I will ask her "What, I 
can't act silly?"  "Check your sugar, please, Mom" is the response I always 
get.  It is usually in the 40's when this happens.  Used to I could not 
function unless my bg was in the 100's, now, since pumping and better 
control, I can function in the 40's and 50's.
I, like a person who posted recently, used to eat everything in sight when 
low.  I still have that tendancy.  Old habits die hard.  I am trying to do 
better.  Got some great peppermint balls at Christmas that are great for 
lows.  Three of them are 15gms.

Debbie and Maggie IP  (Magnum's twin)
dx 3/63
pumping 3/00
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