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[IP] pregnanacy and diabetes

I had poor control over my diabetes when I became pregnant the first time.  
First time was an "oops", so I didn't prepare myself for it.  Had ok control 
during my pregnancy and had a healthy baby girl.  Second pregnancy, had poor 
control before that one too.  The OB suggested an abortion because my 
diabetes was not in control, told him to take a trip "down south where it's 
really really hot", he apologized, had ok control during pregnancy, meaning 
sugars didn't go above 300, had another healthy baby girl.  
Having said that, I am going through treatment for retinapothy right now and 
the specialist did mention that some of my retinapothy could have started 
while I was pregnant because of the extra growth hormones in my system.
Maybe I was just lucky with my pregnancies, or maybe I have good genetics.  
Shortly after my daughters were born I did get better control over the 
diabetes and changed a lot of my un-healthy life styles, you might say they 
ended up saving my life :-).  They are now 14 and 16.

In a message dated 2/5/2003 7:33:28 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I don't want to make your worry seem insignificant, but when I was pregnant 
> over 24 years ago, we didn't have glucose meters and I only saw my diabetes 
> doctor every 3 months and my ob/gyn each month, so I had no clue what my 
> bgs were on a daily basis.  My daughter is very healthy and turned 24 this 
> past December
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