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Re: [IP] skiing with a D-Tron, suggestions welcome

There are previous threads on this topic, so it might behoove you to look 
those up. 
Many people tend to go high while skiing, as I do. The only time I have gone 
low was self-inflicted, as in bolusing too much for carbs. 
I always wear my pump in my bra, which your son cannot do. I suggest keeping 
the pump as close to his body as possible. Don't have tubing exposed.  I use 
the one touch Ultra, which apparently performs better in colder weather 
(again, look at previous threads). I have always just put my tester, pricker, 
and strips in an outside pocket of my parka or ski jacket. This way I am able 
to quickly test on the chairlift, which I do every few runs.
I hope your son has a good time skiing.

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
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