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[IP] ALC results


I met with a minimed rep. in preparation of staring on my new pump. I was 
asked again what my A1C's have been. I told them it has 6.2. I thought that 
was pretty good.

They said the only reseaon it was 6.2 was because I must be having many, 
many extremly low BG's. I work very hard keeping my BG's in check. I test 
10-12 times a day. I excerise 5-6 days a week, for a minimum of one hour 
each day.

I thought it was wrong for them to assume my A1C's were in the low 6's 
beacuse I was having severe problems with low BG's.  If a low A1C means I 
have a problem with lots of lows, why does my doctor bother tellling me my 
control has been good.

The point is my A1c's have been in the low 6's. I work hard at it. I have an 
occasioanl low BG, but it has not been a problem. The DCCT says that 
complications are reduced with A1C's below 7. It did NOT distinguse betewwn 
pumnpers and Non-pumpers.

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