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[IP] skiing with a D-Tron, suggestions welcome

My son (14 yr. old) will be skiing & snowboarding in Pa. for the day with his
youth group. He plans on wearing his Disetronic D-Tron & wants to keep his
Freestyle meter & strips in a leakproof/airtight Aloksak inside his ski
jacket. (It came with his Splash Caddy from Magellan. For basketball his
always wears a neoprene belt w/ pouch from Unique so he is considering wearing
it for skiing. The clear D-Tron clip is what he wears everyday. My main
concern is keeping the insulin at the right temperature and the monitor and
strips dry and at the right temperature. I suppose he will do a basal
reduction 1 hr. prior to skiing and keep at the reduction because the delayed
hypo usually hits 3 and 1/2 hrs. later. I just purchased the Handspring Visor
Pro and Tracker system. Waiting to see if I can get more than 1/2 of it
covered by the insurance. I'll know in a few weeks. Jack uses Ultraflex
infusion sets, Humalog, about 125 unit per day.
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