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[IP] Paradigm stuff..

I just wanted to add to the current paradigm convo that I was told by MM
only to use Engergizer batteries because they are the only one that "work"
with the low battery alarm.  Several times with past pumps (remember I am on
Paradigm #5 now!) I would get "no power" errors without ever getting a low
battery warning, even with Energizers.  In each case the battery was due to
be replaced, but I don't know why I never got an alarm for it before it just
died.  I was also told specifically to only use the "regular" or "max" kind.

I normally end up changing batteries every 4 weeks or so, about every two if
I've been using vibrate a lot, but since my basals are low and my boluses as
well, and I don't use the remote I don't think my pump "uses" as much energy
as some people's will.

Also, about refurbished pumps, the very first time I had my paradigm
replaced (due to excessive no delivery alarms, not due to site problems), I
was given the option of getting a refurbished pump while they "repaired"
mine, or just getting a refurbished pump as a replacement.  I think I was
about 6 weeks in to using the Paradigm at the time, so there was no mention
of a "new" replacement pump.  I chose to just get the refurbished one and
just keep it, I didn't really see the point in getting my old one back, as
it would then be a "refurbished" pump as well.  Since then my pump has been
replaced for more "serious" issues and I can't help but wonder if it might
have been different if I'd chosen to get my old one back.

I seem to have had worse luck than some with my Paradigms, as I am on #5 now
in just over 6 months, but hopefully MM has sorted out most of the issues
and I will get to keep this one a while.

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