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Re: [IP] Highest and lowest blood glucose levels

How do you know if the high and/or low BG's are from an inccorect
bolus/carb count or an incorrect basal?

 My highest was probably at diagnosis 20 years ago, was off the scale and
they told my parents I was going into a coma, I didnt though, I bounced into
my first reaction instead, let me tell ya, that was weird lol. My lowest was
not readable on the meter, so I am not sure, all I know is I woke up to the
paramedics way too often before pumping! No paramedics for 3 months now
yayyyyyyyyyy, although, if yer gonna wake up from that to anyone, most
paramedics sure are cute hehehe.
When I am low, I actually tell people if they suspect I am low, ask me to
test my sugar, if I refuse, I AM LOW. That works great for me.
Tami in Tucson
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