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Subject: [IP] Scars

>My stomach and upper rear are covered
>with dark spots from scar tissue (I assume), and since I am so fair they are
>really noticeable. . . . 
>Seems like everything leaves a reddish purple mark.

Kelby, Martha, and others,

 My daughter Cara is also fair (her words= "pale") and I have found that if we
cover any open cut, recent site's, etc, with a little Bactroban ointment ( a
prescription) it helps a lot, even if the area is not infected. An over the
counter antibiotic cream will work too, but be careful using Neosporin for too
long, as it actually may cause an allergic dermatitis in a lot of folks.
 For areas that are healed up and "dark" or "purple", I use a prescription
retin-a type cream called Tazorac, although any retin-a derivative would work
about the same. I put it on each area every night and usually cover it with a
bandaide to prevent it from wiping off overnight. Our insurance will cover this
for anyone under 18 (or 21), although it is at a higher co-pay. Of course, your
insurance probably has different criteria. You can always opt to pay for the
script...not sure of the cost but I would guess about $65 for a 30 gram tube
here. It will last a long time though.
 Some drugstores also sell a scar reducing bandaide, but it is pricey and has to
be used awhile to see results. Cara looks like a mummy with all the areas she
has, but it works!
Joann, Mom to Cara, age 17, diagnosed 2/13/97, pumping since 3/1/98
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