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[IP] Re: *That* word for lows

>>> I'm trying to come up with a word for my husband to use when he suspects
that I'm low so as to trigger in my jumbled mind (at
the time) that I should eat something.  Haven't found THAT word yet though.
Lea I >>>

In '73 (wayyy before pumping and home BGs) I was driving on vacation and was
dropping suddenly. My vision was going and I told my hugsband. He said, put
your foot on the brake. I did and pulled over. I can't recall the scene but
I know cars were whizzing by on I-40. If he had said, "Stop," it wouldn't
have meant anything to me, but the *put your foot on the brake* I could
follow the instructions.

Perhaps if your dh said, "Put some food in your mouth" it would mean
something to you?? jmho

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