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RE: [IP]"Long-term high BGs" Pregnancy

--- RoseLea <email @ redacted> wrote:
> "Stephens, Janet" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >I know YMMV but I worry about this much more now
> that I'm pregnant. I 
> >haven't hardly had any 200's at all and I worry
> when I hit 140-180 which 
> >doesn't happen too often either. But I worry if I
> have been up there too 
> >long and am doing damage to my growing baby. I'm
> testing 10-16 times/day.
I worried all the time since I was in the 400's a lot
of the time. Especially in the morning and I would
spend all day trying to get them down. My doctor
didn't seem that worried (Hershey Medical Center) when
I 'd be crying to him that I was trying very  very
hard. He said that normal pregnant women will see high
sugars. My daughter is 9, healthy, smart and
Worrying will not help, do what you can. I remember a
nurse being so upset with a young pregnant diabetic
women who was drinking chocolate milk and eating candy
bars. This is someone probably doing damage. 
Be vigilant but enjoy your pregnancy. It's a unique,
very special time of your life. meg

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