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Re: [IP] Syrup--glycemic index

> > The secret is the regular syrup. It helps to smooth out the overall 
> > glycemic index of the meal. The syrup is slow, the pancakes are fast. 
> > Together, they are a better match to the insulin absorption.
> > email @ redacted
> > 
> Hi Michael,
>        Would this be true of all regular syrups?  My Aunt Jemima
>        syrup lists 
> the ingredients as glucose, glucose-fructose, water , cellulose gum
> and a few other minute things.  What causes the slow absorption?  
>        I am curious about this as when Claire is low she often finds
>        that 
> things taste funny and she refuses glucose tabs and dextrose sweets.
>  So then she might take a couple of teaspoons of pancake syrup. 
It depends on the kind of sugar that is in the syrup. Frutose, 
sucrose, lactose, and so on... are all complex sugars that are not 
quickly converted to glucose. Glucose can be absorbed directly 
through mucous membrane and requires no digestion at all. It is 
absorbed by the lining of the mouth, throat, etc.... The others must 
be broken down by digestive enzymes before they can be absorbed into 
the bloodstream. You might try getting some DEX4 tabs. They come 
under that brand name and are private labeled for almost all the 
large chains. 50 to a big jug, 10 to a small plastic cylinder for 
about 5 bucks and 2 bucks respectively in lemon, orange, grape, 
rasberry, watermelon and a few other flavors. They are actually 
pretty tasty compared to the "chalk blocks" that other vendors sell.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think plain old soda crackers are faster 
than complex sugars. Saliva converts starch to glucose very rapidly.

email @ redacted
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