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[IP] Humalog not working

>    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone out there has ever had
>    their 
> insulin just stop working. I have been using Humalog in my pump for
> the past 4 years. 3 weeks ago my sugars started going up and I had
> to take injections of regular to bring them down. It got to the
> point where I was taking shots all the time. I finally put regular
> in my pump and I am finally getting control back. I go see my Endo
> next week with hopes he knows what is going on. Until than I was
> hoping someone out there could help. Keep on Pumping, Dale

I'd guess you've become sensitized to Humalog. Ask your doc to switch 
you to Novolog and see if that works for you. Many docs don't believe 
that sort of thing happens, but there are enough ancedotal reports of 
this to indicate that it is not something that people have made up 
due to poor control. I rather suspect it is a problem for a small 
minority of people that use insulin-analogs and that any one (but not 
two) of the insulin-analogs may cause such a problem.

Insulin analogs = humalog, novolog/novorapid, lantus

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