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RE: [IP]"Long-term high BGs"

"Stephens, Janet" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>I know YMMV but I worry about this much more now that I'm pregnant. I 
>haven't hardly had any 200's at all and I worry when I hit 140-180 which 
>doesn't happen too often either. But I worry if I have been up there too 
>long and am doing damage to my growing baby. I'm testing 10-16 times/day.

I don't want to make your worry seem insignificant, but when I was pregnant 
over 24 years ago, we didn't have glucose meters and I only saw my diabetes 
doctor every 3 months and my ob/gyn each month, so I had no clue what my 
bgs were on a daily basis.  My daughter is very healthy and turned 24 this 
past December.   Sometimes I think they go a bit overboard with bgs on a 
hour to hour basis.  So many of us delivered healthy children without this 
scrutiny.   YMMV.

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