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Re: [IP] Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

> I'm curious about the incidence of kidney failure.  Is this
> attributable to poor control over the years when technology wasn't
> what it was today or is it just inevitable for us all?
> When people talk about complications here, it would be helpful to
> have some history so we can put the info in context and see if we're
> headed down that same path (and make changes if necessary before
> it's too late).

It was once explained to me by a kidney doc like this..... each 
kidney starts out by being able to handle around 200% of your body's 
needs. As we age normally, this declines until, in very old age, both 
kidneys together can handle the load. When a person has diabetes, one 
of the complications is deterioration of very small blood vessels. 
Since the kidneys are mostly blood vessels, they get hit pretty hard. 
Good control can reduce this effect by half or more according to the 
DCCT. There is also a genetic component i.e. YMMV

So, is it enevitable --- sort of, all of us diabetic or not will 
suffer a decline in kidney function as we age. High blood sugar and 
microvascular problems can and will accelerate loss of kidney 
function. How much depends on the luck of the draw when you got your 
DNA from your parents.

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