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[IP] Re: Square Wave

Hi Jan,

I had to respond to this one.  I LOVE the square wave option when applied to
grazing.  I use it also for higher fat meals, but the grazing thing is where I
use it most.  I attend a lot of cocktail/buffet type event for work and
charity functions.  I also have a very healthy appetite (that's the true
reason why I work out - so I can eat).  You're right, one doesn't really know
exactly how much they'll graze on at a buffet.  What I do is this:  I first do
a quick glance at what's available.  If there's a wonderful spread with lots
of choices (read: GREAT DESSERT) I'll set a 4.0 bolus (that's 40 carbs for me)
over 1.5 hours.  Then I'll graze as desired.  You must consider that a lot of
my grazing is vegetables as I'm a huge fan so there's little need to cover
those, but the 4.0 will cover any carbs that might be in a few of the dishes,
sauces, a role, perhaps even dips.  When I think I'm ready for dessert, I'll
evaluate what I've eaten so far and bolus any amount I feel I need to make up
and that will also cover what I'm about to eat.  By the way, most all my
numbers are created using your very strict and regimented WAG analysis....

Did I mention that I'm a big eater?  If I grazed/bolused everytime I munched,
I wouldn't have my hands free to eat (priorities people! ;)  Anyway, that has
worked well for me.  A recent example: I went to a charity affair over the
weekend and munched away (it was a wonderful spread).  When I got home about 4
hours after the eating started and 2 hours after it stopped, I tested and was
137.  I bolused .2 units and woke up at 112.  The 137 for me is a fine post
prandial and the 112 for me is perfect.

As with everything YM WILL V  :o)

(Now feeling like the queen cow)
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003 07:49:48 -0500
From: "jhughey" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Re: (Not using pump correctly?)  square wave

> I don't know what I'll be eating in the next 4 hours if I'm
munching and haven't planned a complete meal, so how would I know how
much to  bolus? >>>

That's what confuses me about suggesting square-waving for grazing. How
does one know what they will graze on at a buffet? Let's say there are two
choices of pie - pumpkin and pecan. How big of a slice would be chosen
and there are certainly carb differences in the two - then will there be
whipped cream involved?

I say graze and bolus, graze and bolus. The purpose - to me - of the sq
wave is to spread out the bolus for high-fat meals - not for grazing.
Doesn't make sense to me or is this another thing I need some educating on???
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