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RE: [IP] tubing/pump freeze

<<I have been on paradigm for 1 wk. Before this my fasting was 99% of time
What is low in this scenario, I am curious since you say you treat or not it
will shoot up to 190.

<<If I treated or not, within an hour, reading will shot up 190, etc and
>>there until around 10am. Wake up time is 6am. Nothing seems to be able to
>>it down. Trainer had me reset basal to avoid lows. From .4 to .3....The
>>several days I am waking up with fasting of 200+. 

So doing a time table:
6am = low (is low 60-100? or <60?)
7am (1 hr later)=190 (even if treated won't come down)
8am = 190 (even if treated won't come down)
9am=190 (even if treated won't come down)
10am = start to come down.

This is a repeated pattern no? It is very interesting.  If the low is low
enough to induce rebound then that explains it and it will be easy to fix.
I am assume (knowing full well what that can mean :o) your CDE has you
testing at the usual basal adjustment times (before bedtime 12pm, 3am, 6am)
for a few days and try to see what its going on.  The only thing I can
suggest during this time is to make sure you only change one thing at a time
and keep the dinner (food & time) as constant as possible until you decipher

If you are able to avoid the low and still have the high between 7 and 9,
then I will go with the dawn phenomenon, which can also be easily fix with
basal adjustments.  My basals go from .8 @ 11pm to .7 @ 6 am to .5 @8am.  I
found out about my change (from .5u 24/7) doing the 3-4 testing at night
that I would go high at midnight-5am and then would stay there flat.  So if
I avoid the height at midnight (upping the basal 1 hr before) I wake up in
btw 88 and 98 most of the days. 

Also, I agree that it doesn't seem to be a kink or a pump-freeze since it
seems to have too strong a pattern (then again I am no expert so a "quick"
call to MM should solve that one.)  Hopefully through the night testing you
might be able to decipher if it is a rebound or if you just need a basal

>>So now I bolus and wait.
>>Still no drop until 10ish. Could my pump be freezing up during night?
Would I
>>know? Is it possible I am kinking up tubing in my sleep? By the way, wake
>>6am, nothing to eat until 8am (only coffee). Or is this the dawn
>>pheno........any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

Other than you have not yet worked out your drop formula (I started pumping
in June '02 and I am still tweaking my number) I do not quite understand why
you do not drop with a correction bolus.  A way to prove that is not the
pump "freezing" is to correct in the mornings after you see the 190 by ways
of a shot instead of the pump.

I hope you soon are able to resolve it.  Worse comes to worse, ask your CDE
if she/he can help you setup a Continuous BG reading to see if you are able
to get the pattern.

Best wishes,
Eloisa and Bombita (MM Paradigm)
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