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Re: [IP] sof-set vs. ultraflex??


  The one thing about the Sof-SEts is that they require all the extra patches 
of tape.  Also when you disconnect it leaves about 4" of tubing dangling from 
your site.  The barrel connector is a Bitch!!!!!  But not sure if it is as 
bad as the stupid ring they replaced it with on the Quick Sets.  That's a 
toss-up!  We liked the SS sets until we went with the Quick sets.  Don't miss 
that big patch of tape on Josh's body, that's for sure!  The only thing about 
the dangling tubing is that it did make it easier for Josh to connect/ 
disconnect when he had a butt site.  But the barrel was so stubborn 

If Ultraflex came in 6mm and had a inserter we would be using those.  I found 
them difficult to handle when trying to insert and Josh just can't use the 
8mm length...too long!

mom to Joshua
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