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Re: [IP] re: IP What is the highest and lowest blood sugar you guys ever gotten?

 My highest was mid 700's(at diagnosis,4 yrs ago),
my lowest(that I've ever tested) under 10, a couple
months ago.(what fun it is to see LOW flash across
your meter!)I nearly had a heart attack,I'd just had a
mild low 2 hrs before.Felt relatively fine,just a
little dizzy.I immeadietly consumed everything in
sight(which amounted to over 100 carbs), (and notified
my coworkers to call in the company EMT,in other
words,I panicked,as I expected to immeadietly pass
before my blood sugar finally got up to 160.
I have had a 12,and a 19 as well and felt fine..I am
not hypo unaware,but when I have a slew of low bgs
temporarily lose my ability to feel them coming on.And
I have the tendency to drop extremily fast
sometimes,it takes a good many carbs to get me out of
it.Consequently,I like to keep my bgs above 80 at all

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