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RE: [IP]"Long-term high BGs" was Eating Out

Hi Sylvia and all,
 I have had this question for a while and am finally asking it! When I hear Dr.s
and others make statements like the one below I want to know HOW LONG does a
"long term high" have to go on before it causes damage? Are we talking 2+ hours,
4+ hours or more than that? Less than that?
 I know YMMV but I worry about this much more now that I'm pregnant. I haven't
hardly had any 200's at all and I worry when I hit 140-180 which doesn't happen
too often either. But I worry if I have been up there too long and am doing
damage to my growing baby. I'm testing 10-16 times/day.
 Maybe some of the CDE's or knowledgeable IPer folk on the list can shed some
Thanks a bunch!
--janet (Dx @ age 3, 8/78; pumping H-tron+ since 6/00)
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>>  A short term high from an incorrect meal bolus 
is not going to be that bad.  It is the long term highs that will cause the 
most damage.  >>
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