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Re: [IP] Diabetic Cheiroarthropathy


I, too, was dismissed by an internist.  Nearly a year passed BEFORE I
went to see a hand surgeon who sent me to hand therapy.

I discovered that RELIEF comes easier the quicker one seeks help!  In my
case...rather than drugs or surgery...I had ultrasound on the wrist
joint that is supposed to increase blood flow through the
tendon...weekly treatments.
Also sat at each treatment after ultrasound and had hand/wrist/arm in a
machine called Fluidotherapy.  It has a sand-like heated material that
is airblown around the hand/wrist/arm.  This machine helped!!!

The hand therapist also made a custom wrist brace for me to wear. She
was honest upfront and told me that improvement wasn't guaranteed due to
the length of time I suffered.

Fortunately for me...I have seen great improvement in pain relief...and
it is now infrequent that it awakens me. I can also now pick up
something without much discomfort.
I have to remember to favor the wrist however.

I do not wish to go the route of cortisone shots and surgery...please
seek help for yourself ASAP!

Becky LaSpina
IDDM 47 years - MM507C since 12/98
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