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[IP] Re: highest and lowest blood sugar

 highest official blood sugar was 671 at diagnosis, but two weeks after that i
had a massive sinus
 infection and it went off the laboratory scale! i've hit the 600 mark many,
many times since
then... thank goodness for pumping!

 lowest official blood sugar was 28, but i almost never go under 50. in fact, i
almost never go low
 at all! when i do i can usually trace it back to something specific i did
(miscalculate carbs,
 overaggressive bolusing, exercise), but it never "just goes low" for no reason.
on the other hand
 i go high "for no reason" all the freakin' time; if i LOOK at a slice of pizza,
or THINK about my
 upcoming midterms, or a germ in hong kong scratches its germy little head, i'm
200, even though i
 never get sick! dawn phenomenon? i've got dawn, midnight, lunch break, miller
time, afternoon tea
 phenomenon, baby. i read messages, esp from parents of children with diabetes,
who test in the
 middle of the night and are afraid of lows, and i can't imagine what that's
like. i can't think of
 a time back when i was on shots, when i wasn't constantly battling
unpredictable highs, and even
 now i struggle with those 180s, but i have never, ever had a similar problem
with lows. my basal
 rates are good, but if anything unusual happens (like a thursday), my default
reaction is to go
high. am i lucky, or cursed? 

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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