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Re: [IP] Scars

 Michael <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I would like to know if you find anything that helps with this. I
> have had "scars" that last for up to 5 months. When I told my Dr
> about it, he said he had never seen or heard of anyone with this
> problem. Then told me my only option was to stop pumping. I told him
> no way I would rather live with the scars.

You're just so tender :-)

Seriously, perhaps you could try ALL the variations for things that 
irritate the site. Another set type?? Switch insulins?? ....whatever. 
I don't think scarring is all that common unless there is an 
underlying irritation of some kind.
email @ redacted
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 I have been pumping since '98 (clear paradigm since March '02). I have a
million little white dots on my abdomen which I think are scars from my infusion
sets. I'm not allergic to the adhesive or skin prep, but I think sticking a
little plastic catheter in your skin leaves a little scar.



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