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RE: [IP] Re: eating out...

Artorius Rex [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:


This is 21CFR101 (Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulation, Section 101).
The key paragraph relative to Ryan's comment is from Section 10 which reads:

Sec. 101.10  Nutrition labeling of restaurant foods.

    Nutrition labeling in accordance with Sec. 101.9 shall be provided 
upon request for any restaurant food or meal for which a nutrient 
content claim (as defined in Sec. 101.13 or in subpart D of this part) 
or a health claim (as defined in Sec. 101.14 and permitted by a 
regulation in subpart E of this part) is made, except that information 
on the nutrient amounts that are the basis for the claim (e.g., ``low 
fat, this meal provides less than 10 grams of fat'') may serve as the 
functional equivalent of complete nutrition information as described in 
Sec. 101.9. Nutrient levels may be determined by nutrient data bases, 
cookbooks, or analyses or by other reasonable bases that provide 
assurance that the food or meal meets the nutrient requirements for the 
claim. Presentation of nutrition labeling may be in various forms, 
including those provided in Sec. 101.45 and other reasonable means.

IOW, it applies only when a restaurant makes a nutritional claims, and even
then it may be an approximation based on tables.

Jim Handsfield
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