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[IP] A&W Root Beer

In a message dated 2/4/2003 1:47:51 PM Pacific Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:
> You mean there is an A & W Root Beer stand up there where you live?  I
> would kill for a real, uncanned, unbottled Draft Root Beer.
> David is sunny Florida

Hope I have this reply to the correct person. I just got back from Orlando
and there is an A & W Root Beer shop in an outlet mall, right off of I-4 by
the Mary (Queen of Hearts?) Shrine, off the Kissimmee exit. Cara and I shared
a diet root beer and it was delicious! They also had a lot of great deals on
clothes and stuff but I guess that is off topic. And, we also stopped at the
Lake Mart 7-11 for a delicious raspberry crystal lite slurpee! Thank you for
whoever posted that info!
BTW, since I am off topic anyway, I could use a little brag time...Cara's HS
dance team came in 4th in Pom and Jazz at the national competitions! I am
very proud of how hard all the kids worked. You can see pics of her team, and
all the other great dance teams, at <A
or at
and also at


I think you can maybe see the top of Cara's head in the upper left hand side
and her legs in the other pic in the same place....maybe.LOL.
BTW, she took off her pump for the dancing.

Joann, Mom to Cara, age 17, Type 1 since 2/13/97, pumping since 3/1/98
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