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[IP] Re: eating out...

Subject: [IP] re: eating out.................

>i was told by my CDE that restaurants are supposed to have lists with 
>carb content of the foods they serve.  i am not certain, but this 
>may only apply to fast food places, like BK or McD's.  on the other 
>hand, why 
>would the law distinguish between such places and more local eateries, 
>that the local places probably don't have the facilities to assess the 
>contant of their food.........

The law is actually a bit more complex than that.  It is true that 
large chain restaurants are required to provide nutritional 
information...but it is limited to FOOD content..as in, ingredients, 
NOT carb/fat/protein/calorie content.  This law doesn't apply to small 
local restaurants (I believe the law is written to apply to how much 
revenue they make in order to accomodate smaller, family owned places, 
etc.).  However, nutritional information in terms of fat/carbs, etc. is 
required on all pre-packaged food.  Most fast food places, however, 
also include this information to help consumers.  It is hard for, say, 
Chile's to publish this information when their menu might change, or 
each time the dish is prepared, it is made by a different chef who uses 
different amounts, etc.  

But, places like Chile STILL are required by law to provide information 
about ingredients.  We researched this because my son has food 
allergies, and there was a pizza place that refused to tell us what was 
in it.  (Some pizza places use peanut oil, which could literally kill 
my son.)  We called their main office, and they apologized and sent out 
a memo to ALL of their stores telling them that they have to report on 
the ingredients if asked.

Anyhow, most fast-food places do have complete nutritional information 
including carb content.  Either they will have a chart on the wall, or 
you can ask them for a nutritional guide.  (Sometimes you get blank 
stares from the people at the register when you ask for it...but if you 
press them on it, usually the manager will know where it is.)

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