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[IP] Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

Hi David
           I am a thirty three year diabetic with all of the serious
complications. I came down in December of 1996 with kidney failure and
promptly went on Hemo.dialysis for a year and a half. I then switched to
peritoneal for about seven months and switched back. I was also experiencing
severe heart complications. I then set up an appointment for a kidney
transplant waiting list at Duke University in Durham NC. Well I never made it
on the list as my mother went there to see if she matched and three weeks
later she donated one of her kidney's to me. She was sixty five at the time
and we are both doing great at the present time. If you have any questions
please don't hesitate to ask.

Stephen Howell dxd 2/70 Animas R1000 9/02
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