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RE: [IP] What is the highest and lowest blood sugar you guys ever gotten???

since pumping (10/2/02) i think i got something like 314 once or twice.
since i test NO LESS then every 2 hours, i, on rare occasions (the "eating
out syndrome", see 240.
At that point, it not my "insulin pump" im worried about, it my "body's
blood pump".
( i get really upset, for letting that happen).

I have seen 31...(usually while sleeping), im still conscious, but i do wake
up, and "have a treat"
(after 46 years, any "forbidden fruit", is STILL a treat)

Any comments on spelling or english, should be referred to "Helen Wate"
So, if you need to comment, go to "Hel-en Wate"

PS. im not EE Commings, but i dont capitalize, and dont use the '
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