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Re: [IP] MM paradigm problem

    My daughter got her first paradigm in March. Almost immediately she 
encountered the now infamous E21 problem, calling us in fact from college at 
4:00 a.m. to ask if we knew her basals!!!! She did get a brand-new pump. For 
6 months, it worked fine...and then in October it mysteriously started 
happening on pump #2. She is reluctant to part with it for a "refurbished 
pump", figuring she knows this one's idiosyncracies & can deal with them , 
re-setting it rapidly, as you had done. Her basals are now kept in a small 
card inside her meter case, so she's gotten accustomed to re-setting it with 
every battery change. Nonetheless, after 7 years of being "pump mom" & after 
all the IP posts, my own comfort level with this particular pump is NOT what 
it was with its predecessors, sorry to say.
Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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