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Re: [IP] pregnancy worries

 I was pregnant with type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism. I went to a
perinatologist because of the high risk; a regular ob/gyn wouldn't see me. My
son is almost three years old and he is fine. You have to stay on top of your
sugar more closely and check it more frequently and watch your diet better. So
good luck and I hope everything turns out well for you. It does seem like they
should have given you an earlier appt.
  liz <email @ redacted> wrote:> My husband and I have been trying to get
pregnant for about 8 months...and
> and behold, I finally am! I am elated, but I'm also terrified. I didn't
> actually realize I was pregnant until last week and according to my
> I am 9 weeks along. (my periods have been very irregular since going off
> pill, which made trying to get pregnant difficult;I haven't had any
> sickness) I'm worried because I have had some very high blood sugars in
> past couple of months, and I'm scared that this may have harmed my baby.
> Friday I couldn't get my blood sugar down and I guess I wasn't thinking
> clearly because it took me several hours to realize that my correction
> weren't doing anything and I should change my site and inject insulin. It
> a bad site, and I'm so angry with myself for not figuring that out sooner.
> haven't seen my doctor yet (I have an appointment next week). I guess
> worrying is a normal part of pregnancy, and I can't change the past, but I
> really really scared.

i hope that it's safe to offer all the congrats and good wished on your
pregnancy. i have no advice since i've never been pregnant, but i'm paying
attention to a lot of the related posts since i hope to one day have kids.

best luck!
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