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Re: [IP] tubing/pump freeze

 If you've only been pumping for 1 week then I would think its just a matter of
incorrect basals, if your kinking your tubing I would think you'd get an alarm
and I don't think it would happen every night, same goes for the pump freezing
up, it wouldn't happen everynight. Try testing at like 3 and 5 am see where your
at nd adjust basals acordingly.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> I have been on paradigm for 1 wk. Before this my fasting was 99% 
> of time low.
> If I treated or not, within an hour, reading will shot up 190, etc 
> and stay
> there until around 10am. Wake up time is 6am. Nothing seems to be 
> able to pull
> it down. Trainer had me reset basal to avoid lows. From .4 to 
> .3....The last
> several days I am waking up with fasting of 200+. So now I bolus 
> and wait.
> Still no drop until 10ish. Could my pump be freezing up during 
> night? Would I
> know? Is it possible I am kinking up tubing in my sleep? By the 
> way, wake up
> 6am, nothing to eat until 8am (only coffee). Or is this the dawn
> pheno........any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
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