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[IP] tubing/pump freeze

I have been on paradigm for 1 wk. Before this my fasting was 99% of time low.
If I treated or not, within an hour, reading will shot up 190, etc and stay
there until around 10am. Wake up time is 6am. Nothing seems to be able to pull
it down. Trainer had me reset basal to avoid lows. From .4 to .3....The last
several days I am waking up with fasting of 200+. So now I bolus and wait.
Still no drop until 10ish. Could my pump be freezing up during night? Would I
know? Is it possible I am kinking up tubing in my sleep? By the way, wake up
6am, nothing to eat until 8am (only coffee). Or is this the dawn
pheno........any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
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