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Re: [IP] Young Diabetics Get Hit Early With Heart Disease

> Its heart and stroke month here and in the paper we got a little brochure
> heart and stroke and in it there was aa " are you at risk" test. it had 2
> and you check off all that apply to see, well the first row was
> risks" and it had, over 40(?) years, family history etc. But the next row
> controlable risks and it had smoking, over weight, laziness(my wording)
> diabetes!! Well quite frankly one may be able to lose weight, exercise
more or
> quit smoking but I definatly can't quit my diabetes!

i think they're refering more to type 2 diabetes which is often said to be
more preventable, especially by avoiding some of the risk factors that can
cause or hasten type 2 diabetes and heart problems (inactivity, poor eating
habits, etc).   it's a shame they wrote that as they did, since not everyone
can avoid type 2 diabetes, and it really shouldn't be in the controllable
risks without explanation on how it can be controlled.

i can't avoid having diabetes (type 1) but i can work at keeping control of
it by using the right amount of insulin, a good diet (lower fat choices,
eating fruits and veg, etc), exercise, and constant monitoring of my blood
glucose levels.

one of the things that i'm so happy about with my pump is being able to eat
lots of fruit. :)  before, i had to limit it, since it really ate up my
insulin (was on intermediate and regular), but now i can just bolus for that
extra orange.  this is the time of year where they have the *best* oranges
in the stores, the tangelos (minneolas), and i eat at least one of those a
day, if not more. :)
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