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Re: [IP] A&W Root Beer

> There are A & W restaraunts right across Canada.  They have a fantastic
> Root Beer.  Normally I can't stand the taste of diet soda, but luckily
> likes them all, even the horrible diet Coke served by McDonalds, which
> like poison.  But the Diet A & W root beer is just great, especially in
> frosty mugs.  Mmmmm.  My first job at age 17 was at A & W.

i noticed that they recently-ish changed the artificial sweeteners in some
of the diet root beers here in canada, and it's really affected the taste.
i haven't had a&w for a while, but whichever other diet root beer it was,
just wasn't good.
call me strange, but i actually prefer aspartame. :)
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