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reply [IP] Re: (Not using pump correctly?) square wave

 I don't know what I'll be eating in the next 4 hours if I'm
munching and haven't planned a complete meal, so how would I know how much
 bolus? >>>
I say graze and bolus, graze and bolus. The purpose - to me - of the sq wave
is to spread out the bolus for high-fat meals - not for grazing. Doesn't
make sense to me or is this another thing I need some educating on?

What i do is use the dual bolus, i have never use the square bolus. to me the 
dualwave bolus is the way to go. you can still bolus in case you decide to 
eat more and or eat something with higher fat etc..with the square from what 
i understand you can't bolus. so the dual is the way to go. thanks Eileen
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