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Re: [IP] Syrup--glycemic index

Barb, I think you would be just fine using syrup to raise BG.  For me 
at least my BG shoots up quickly after log cabin maple syrup, which 
is largely sugar.  That glycemic index stuff was never done in type I 
diabetics, and much of those results may largely reflect a response 
of the pancreas.  But if you're in doubt, why not just test it.  That 
is measure Claire's BG, give her 2 spoons of syrup and check in 30 
min.  I bet her BG is right where the carbs would predict.
P.S.  when i eat pancakes with syrup, there's no possible way for me 
to "match" the insulin absorption.  I even try by bolusing for the 
whole meal a 1/2 hour in advance, but my BG still peaks at less than 
1 hour post eating at over 200.  But by 3 h i'm back down to normal.

>  The secret is the regular syrup. It helps to smooth out the overall
>  glycemic index of the meal. The syrup is slow, the pancakes are fast.
>  Together, they are a better match to the insulin absorption.
>  email @ redacted
<<<<<      Would this be true of all regular syrups?  My Aunt Jemima 
syrup lists
the ingredients as glucose, glucose-fructose, water , cellulose gum and a few
other minute things.  What causes the slow absorption?
        I am curious about this as when Claire is low she often finds that
things taste funny and she refuses glucose tabs and dextrose sweets.  So then
she might take a couple of teaspoons of pancake syrup.
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8>>>>>>>>>>
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