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[IP] Re: square wave

>I say graze and bolus, graze and bolus. The purpose - to me - of the 
>sq wave
>is to spread out the bolus for high-fat meals - not for grazing. 
>make sense to me or is this another thing I need some educating on???

I use square wave for a few things.  Although, a high-fat meal is not 
one of them.  Fat plays VERY little part in affecting the length of 
time it takes for sugar to enter my system.  Instead, high-fat meals 
tend to be high-protein.  Higher protein means that I'll need that 
square wave.  Also, there is the affect of glucagon that gets released 
by foods with a lot of cheese, etc., such as pizza.  Those, too, 
require a square wave.  (IN both the protein and glucagon case, I have 
to give ADDITIONAL bolus, not just prolong the bolus for the carbs 
already in the food...basically, dual wave, not just square).

I also use the square wave if I'm having a "prolonged" dinner.  For 
example, if I go to a nicer restarant (i.e., NOT fast food), then from 
the time I order to when I finish my meal, it might take 45 minutes or 
so.  Although I basically know what my carbs will be for the meal, I 
use the square wave to give my insulin over the course of 30 minutes to 
an hour at the time I order.  This then starts to cover the salad, 
appetizers and eventually the meal without having to bolus frequently. 

Anyhow, I have seen NO evidence that high fat meals slow the digestion 
of the glucose in any significant fashion in me.  I do know that ice 
cream will take longer than, say, crackers, to get into my blood...but 
the delay is probably no more than 10 extra minutes.
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