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[IP] Re: (Not using pump correctly?) square wave

> I don't know what I'll be eating in the next 4 hours if I'm
munching and haven't planned a complete meal, so how would I know how much
 bolus? >>>

That's what confuses me about suggesting square-waving for grazing. How does
one know what they will graze on at a buffet? Let's say there are two
choices of pie - pumpkin and pecan. How big of a slice would be chosen and
there are certainly carb differences in the two - then will there be whipped
cream involved?

I say graze and bolus, graze and bolus. The purpose - to me - of the sq wave
is to spread out the bolus for high-fat meals - not for grazing. Doesn't
make sense to me or is this another thing I need some educating on??? (~_^)

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