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Re: [IP] Funny hospital story - off topic sorta

This was way kewl! As they say!  What fun to freak out a psych student!!!!!

Yes, you can be my "daughter" you have the same kind of wit that I do!!!!


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Subject: [IP] Funny hospital story - off topic sorta

> I was thinking of the last time I was in the hospital 3 years ago(?) It
was for
> my GERD and I was in for 3 weeks, at one point the college students were
> their placements and there was this pyscologist(??) student, and she was
> around talking to all the patients, she came and saw me and we chatted and
> came back the next day, well by this time I was feeling half alive and
> well that night I was thinking of how to confuse her and mess around with
> :-) so she came in and I was asking her about her placement and if she had
> tour of the hospital and well of course she did and I asked, well what
about the
> way down basement, she said yes, I said did you happen to find the morge
> there and she looked at me weird and I asked for directions and asked her
if she
> thought I could witness an autopsy. She kinda ended the conversation and
left. I
> never did see her again and I was sad cause I had all my imaginary friends
> up to talk to her too.
> hehehehe  WOW was I bored!!
>  By the way this was at the time in my life where I was 90% sure I wanted
to be
> a coroner/ forensic scientist/ homiside detective. A little too much
Matlock and
> Quincy and NYPD blue and CSI and aaahhh the list goes on :-)
> Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
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